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Privacy policy

1. Website presentation 

In accordance with the article 6 of the law n°2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for the confidence in the numerical economy, it's explaining to the user of the website the identity of different participant within the scope of his realization and his follow-up :

Owner : Berry Sellerie, 8 Boulevard D'Anvaux, 36000 CHÂTEAUROUX 

Number : 0254358167 

Responsible for publication : Berry Sellerie,

The responsible for publicatin is a natural person or a legal entity. 

Webmaster : ABPROD -

Host : OVH – 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix 1007

Delegate for the data protection : BERRY SELLERIE -

2. General use condition of the website and services suggested 

The website form a spirit wirk protected by the service of the intellectual property code and international regulations practical. The customer can't in no case reuse, give in or exploit for his own account all or part elements or website work. 

The using of website involve the full and whole acceptance of general use condition describe hereinafter. These use condition are likely to be change and complete all the time. The website users are invited to read them regularly. 

This website is normally accessible all the time for users. An interruption because of technical maintenance can be decided by, which try hard to communicate previously to users the date and hours of intervention. 

The website is regularly updated by responsible for Berry Sellerie. In the same way, the legal notice can be change at all the time : nevertheless, she impose to the user who are invited to refer it as often as possible to take note. 

3. Description of service provided 

The website intend to give an information with reference to all of company activities. 

Berry Sellerie try hard to provide on the website informations really exactly. However, can't be held responsible forgetting, inaccuracy and the deficiency about update, cause of him or third partner who provide him these informations. Every informations indicated on the website are given at indicative basis, and can be develop.

In addition, the informations which appeared on the website are not exhaustive. It's given with reservations of modification bring since its update.

4. Contractual limitation on the technical data 

The website will can't be held responsible of material damage tie to use the website. What's more, the user of the website commit to access to the website in using a recent equipment, which not contain a virus and with a browser of last generation updated. 

The website is hosting at service provider on the territory of the European Union in compliance with the service of the general regulation on the data protection (RGPD : n°2016-679). The goal is bring a service which insure the better accessibility rate. 

The host insure the continuity of his service 24 hours a day, every days of the year. Nevertheless, he reserve the right to interrupt the hosting service for a short time possible, especially for maintenance, enhancement of his infrastructure, failure of his infrastructure or if services generate a renowned traffic abnormal. and the web host can't be held responsible in the event of dysfunction for web, telephone line or hardware and the telephony especially tie of the web overload prevented the server access.

5. Intellectual property and counterfeiting is the owner of the intellectual property law and have a use right on every accessible elements on the website, especially the text, picture, handwriting, logo, video, icon and sound. Every reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or elements part of the website, whatever the way or use proceed, isn't allowed, except permission writed precondition of :

Every using not authorize of the website or some elements which contain will be considered like constituent of counterfeiting and pursue in compliance with services of articles L.335-2 and depending on the intellectual property code.

6. Responsability of limitation 

Berry Sellerie have an effect as a website publisher He's responsible of the quality and the truth of the contents that he publish. 

Berry Sellerie can't be held responsible about direct and indirect damage cause of the material of the user, during the website access, and resulting either about the material using which not answer to the specification indicated at point 4, or the appearance of a bug or an incompatibility. can't also be held responsible about indirect damage (for exemple, like market loss or lucky loss) consecutive of the website

7. Personal data management 

The customer is informed about regulations with reference to the marketing communication,  the law of 21 June 2014 for the confidence in the numerical economy, the computing and liberty law on 6 August 2004, and the general regulation on the data protection (RGPD : n°2016-679). 

             7.1 Responsible of the personal data collection 

             As a responsible of the treatment data who collect, get involve in the respect of the setting to legal service in force. The customer can do the aim of the data                     treatment, provide to his prospects and customers, from the collection of their consent, a complete information on the personal data treatment and to keep a treatment register in                       compliance with the reality. Whenever that process personal data, take every sensible measure to insure about the exactness and the                     pertinence of personal data when we see aims for what treat them. 

             7.2 Aim of collect data 

    can be treat all or a data part : don't market your personal data which are only used by need or statistics and analysis. 

             7.3 Right access, correction and contradiction

In compliance with the european regulations in force, the users of have the following right. 

Finally, the users of can drop off a complaint to control authority, and especially of the CNIL (

            7.4 No-communication of personal data abstain from treat, host or forwaard the informations collected on his customers toward a country located on the European Union or known like "unsuitable" by the European commission without previsously inform the customer. 

Fot all that, stay free about his technical and commercial subcontractors choice on condition of present enough guarantee in view of demend about the general rules on the data protection (RGPD : n°2016-679). commit to take every necessary precaution to preserve the security about informations and especially, it not be communicate to person not allowed.

Up to their respective duty and for the aim remind above, the main persons likely have users data access of are primarily agent of our customer service. 

8. Practical law and jurisdiction remit

Every disagreement in relation with the website use is submissive to the French law. Outside of the case where the law not allow it, there is a jurisdiction exclusive remit in appropriate court in CHATEAUROUX.