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General terms and conditions

Part 1 : Explanations of general terms and conditions 

The general terms and conditions must goal to determine the contractual relation between our company (BERRY SELLERIE situated at 8 Boulevard d’Anvaux) and the creator of every order (you) who take place on the website

The general terms and conditions are always nearby of each buyer to enable get precision before place an order. Consequently, when confirm your order on the website, that is mean you accept totally the general terms and conditions.

Any condition non-compliant to our general terms and conditions that you would have expressed will not be accepted except if it is not clearly explain in our general terms and conditions of sale. We will can change our general terms and conditions at any moment on condition that the change appear on our website.


Part 2 : The responsability and the guarantee 

Our production is in compliance with the French law in effect. We decline every responsibility if the product deliver doesn’t respect the French law.

Also, we guarantee our productions during 5 years from the receipt of the product.


Part 3 : Our productions 

Any change on our productions needs to be clearly mentioned in homepage of our website.


Part 4 : Return 

Only products returned (along with corresponding invoice number), in good condition and in their origin wrapping like delivered will be accepted or exchanged.

But, in compliance with Article L 121-20 of consumption code, a saddle can only be returned by the customer if this one, having chosen a customized version (that is comfort saddle), finally find that the saddle is inappropriate for his states.

In all others case, the products will be returned from our address : BERRY SELLERIE – 6 Allée du forum – 36330 Le Poinconnet – France. After 30 days, products deliver will be considered like conform to your order and accepted by you.


Part 5 : Membership

The item delivered will stay our priority to you complete all your obligations towards us and in particular to the integral payment of the price.

This reservation of property doesn’t obstruct the transfer of risks, which will be your responsibility from the date on which the product ordered leave our premises.


Part 6 : Price

Our sales are subject to VAT. Price noted including tax and VAT.

We keep the right to change the price of our productions all the time, but we are committed to apply price in force which will be revealed at the time of your order.


Part 7 : Gift Card

Gifts cards can be buying on the website of our company (

This gift cards can be between 1€ and 5000€ and valid during one year after buying a gift card.

Specifying that these gift cards are only valid for motorbike saddle (saddle comfort) and no valid for purchase of foam and other products for sale in our shop.


Part 8 : Payment 

The price is immediately imposed to the order date and the settlement can be done by debit card, by cheque in tree time every 5 of month (in this case, the first cheque is immediately boxed), or with a PayPal account. But in this last case, like we make an exchange standard saddle, you must beforehand give a deposit cheque of 140€.

The cards managed by bank lIve outside France territory, need to have international debit card.


Part 9 : Order

We are engaged to accept your order in the conform term of our general terms and conditions.

Please consider that we will respond to your order in subject to availability.

During your order we informed you if products ordering is available or not. If in despite of our vigilance, products ordered are unavailable, we will made it, but delivery time will be extended. (See part 5)

Aproving your order, you declare read entirety the general terms and conditions carefully (that you could read all the time), also you declare accepted the document in its entirety.

Our production selled in exchange standard, therefore, you will give a bail of 140€ at moment of payment.

All our price are defined in euro.


Part 10 : Your personal information

Every personal information that you will give during your order don’t will be distributed and shared to another company or a foreign person to our company.

During your purchase, we will only ask you the essential information to your recording in our database. We want to remind that we will not sell, rent the information that we collected.

In compliance with freedoms January 6th, 1978, and the article n°27 of the data act, you have an access and modification right of your personal information, to change it, don’t hesitate to contact us by email: or by phone at


Part 11 : Delivery 

Delivery be done to the delivery address that you give during your order.

In the case that the package is damaged while reception, you can contact the transporter to file a reserve with the driver who made the delivery.

The delivery is possible everywhere in France with delivery time which will go from 7 to 10 days (according to the model and the work to be carried out) as from the order or 15 days if the model asked isn’t in stock.

In case you choose to order a saddle by providing your original saddle, the order can only be treated at the receipt to a product and consequently, the period will be change.


Part 12 : Litigation and compliance 

Our general terms and conditions must be submitting to the French right and to the Vienna Convention on the international merchandise sales contract.

Litigation related to the commercial relation between our company and you that can be file will be submitted to the authority French jurisdiction except in the case that you live outside French territory.